Armor Bonus: This is added to Fortitude defense rolls.
Check: Same as normal 4E.
Speed: Same as 4E.
Armor Power: Most armors provide an armor encounter power
Light vs Heavy: Certain Powers, Feats and special abilities require or prohibit the wearing of certain armor.

All armors fall into the three general categories below. However, most armors include a variety of upgrades that improve the armor’s capabilities or add additional functions.

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Screen shot 2011 05 02 at 7.30.33 am

Screen shot 2011 05 02 at 7.30.43 am

Armor Upgrades. Exactly like Saga Edition Scum and Villainy with exceptions noted below.
Upgrade slots- All armor has 2 upgrade slots.
Benefit: Provides up to 10 hours of life support in the vacuum of space or a hostile environment.
Commo Package: Includes integrated hands free comlink.
Low-Light Vision: Grants Low-Light Vision
Vision Enhancement x(4, 6, 10): Spend a minor action to divide the distance by the enhancement value before calculating Perception DC.


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